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Reviews / Testimonials

"The experience I received from Box of Scrolls. The scrolls were heaven sent beautifully fresh the taste unbelievable presented beautifully even with a envelope thank you card. The service and delivery 10/10 I would recommend Box of Scrolls to everyone".
   Debra Ring

 "My mouth waters everytime I see a scroll I ate my box in 2 days lol thank you"

"Just tried you yesterday. It was awesome."
   On Time Limousines International

"What u r guys doing to me !!! I went nuts with the nutella today, warmed it up and lost it."
"The BEST scrolls I have ever tasted."

"I'm in heaven!"

"Received this morning at work.....absolutely awesome....delish!!! Thanks Box of Scrolls."

"Awesome scrolls...also nice with icecream."

Feedback from first time customer - Nicholas Sopelario
Omg yum! I ordered a box last week and not only did I demolish two in one sitting but I had one every night after. You definitely get your money's worth with these babies. When they arrived, even though i only managed to get to them later in the evening they were the epitome of freshness! They tasted exactly like what I had been fantasizing about for weeks when I discovered the company! Within each generous crevice of the pastry/bread - were thick lashings of the cinnamon goodness, the dough was nice and soft and it was positively gooey and amazing!

I was initially apprehensive about ordering food online at first because I had never done it before but they really delivered above and beyond in customer service. Im currently staying in a services apartment and the reception had misplaced the delivery when BOS dropped off my scrolls. I called BOS to confirm if it did arrive and they said it did but the reception were adamant that they didn't receive it. Nonetheless the lady on the phone from BOS decided to chase it up with delivery and called me back after business hours and told me they were willing to deliver another box if I hadn't received mine, no questions asked!! Luckily I double checked with reception and it was merely misplaced and I happily scoffed my scrolls at midnight! Just amazing service and product guys...  Thank you!! 

Gastrology - Box of Scrolls spreading cinnamon love one box at a time

Box of Scrolls have perfected the art of the humble cinnamon scroll. Turning moist, light dough made into fresh, aromatic cinnamon scrolls.